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Clark Spencer Larsen, Director

About the Bioarchaeology Research Laboratory


The Bioarchaeology Research Laboratory was founded in 2002 for the purpose of providing a research facility for the study of human remains from archaeological settings. In addition to a range of research projects, the laboratory is used for graduate teaching and for projects involving cultural resource management (CRM) in the archaeological community.


The lab is also the home for the Rene M. Menegaz-Bock Dental Anthropology Collection, representing a large dental cast collection of individuals of known age, sex, and in some cases, familial history. Space for visiting students and scientists is available for use of the collection.

Faculty Associates

bullet Clark Spencer Larsen
bullet Debra Guatelli-Steinberg
bullet Mark Hubbe
bullet Samuel D. Stout
bullet James H. Gosman

Current Projects

bullet La Florida Bioarchaeology Project
bullet Global History of Health Project

Çatalhöyük Research Project

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