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Name Area Research Interests E-mail Web Page
Cohen, Jeffrey
Associate Professor
Cultural Latin America, migration, economic anthropology Email web page
Cook, Robert
Assistant Professor
Archaeology Eastern North America, Midwest Email web page
Crews, Douglas
Biological Aging, disease, Samoa, Americas Email web page
Field, Julie
Assitant Professor
Archaeology Pacific, GIS, complex societies Email web page
Gremillion, Kristen
Associate Professor
Archaeology Eastern North America, paleoethnobotany, origins of agriculture Email web page
Guatelli-Steinberg, Debbie
Associate Professor
Biological dental anthropology Email web page
Kitchen, Dawn
Assistant Professor
Biological Primate Studies Email web page
Larsen, Clark
Distinguished Professor, Chair
Biological bioarchaeology, adaptation, history of health Email web page
McCorriston, Joy
Associate Professor
Archaeology Near Eastern archaeology, origins of agriculture, archaeobotany Email web page
McGraw, W. Scott
Associate Professor
Biological Africa, evolutionary anatomy, primatology Email web page
McKee, Jeffrey
Biological South Africa, hominid evolution, paleoecology Email web page
Moritz, Mark
Assistant Professor
Cultural Africa, pastoral systems, environmental anthropology, herder-farmer conflicts Email


web page
Piperata, Barbara
Assistant Professor
Biological Latin America, Brazil, Amazon, human reproduction, nutrition, health Email web page
Sciulli, Paul
Biological Population genetics, forensic identification, dental anthropology, bioarchaeology


web page
Stout, Samuel
Biological Skeletal biology, health, bioarchaeology Email web page
Thompson, Victor
Assistant Professor
Archaeology Eastern North America
Historical Ecology
Space and Architecture
Shallow Geophysics
Ceramic Analysis
Email web page
Yerkes, Richard
Archaeology Eastern North America, Greece, Cyprus, Hungary, lithics, culture and environment Email web page
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Emeriti Faculty
Arewa, E. Ojo
Bourguignon, Erika
Cultural Email
Chen, Chung-min
Associate Professor
Cultural Cultural ecology, peasant societies, China, Southeast Asia Email  
Dancey, William
Associate Professor
Archaeology Eastern North America, regional settlement studies Email web page
Messenger, John
Poirier, Frank
Biological Email  
Sumner, William
Archaeology Email web page
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Adjunct Faculty
Ahroni, Rueben Near Eastern Languages and Cultures Email
Emoff, Ron Music   Email  
Fuerst, Paul A. Molecular Genetics Email web page
Gregory, Timothy History Email web page
Grubb, Thomas C. Jr. EEOB** Email
Horn, David G. Comparative Studies Email
Ice, Gillian Harper Anthropology (OU) Human Biology, Gerontology
Epidemiology, Stress, Long-Term Care, Care-Giving, USA, Kenya
Laughlin, Stanley K. Law Email
Mills, Margaret Near Eastern Languages and Cultures Email
Moore, Richard Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center   Email web page
Mullen, Patrick Department of English   Email  
Noyes, Dorothy Department of English The collective representations of plural societies, with an emphasis on how intergroup relations are articulated and manipulated through traditional performance genres.   web page
Shuman, Amy E. English   Email
Steckel, Richard H. Economics   Email
Stroup, Kerry   Applied Anthropology, legal Anthropology Email  
Waite, Thomas EEOB**   Email
Walker, Phillip L. Anthropology (UCSB) Skeletal Biology, Bioarchaeology
Dental Anthropology, Paleopathology, Nutrition
Email web page
Webber, Sabra Comparative Studies & Near East Languages and Cultures   Email
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Miller, Wayne Fiscal Officer Email
Ridenour, Anita Office Admin. Assoc.   Email
Sweasey, David Senior Systems Administrator   Email
Whipple, Jean Office. Assoc./Computer Support Email