Julie S. Field
Assistant Professor

Contact Information

Dr. Julie S. Field
Department of Anthropology
The Ohio State University
4056 Smith Laboratory
174 W. 18th Ave.
Columbus, OH 43210
614.292.6233 (tel)
614.292-4155 (fax)

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Research Interests

My current research focuses on human-environmental interaction, in particular the transition to agriculture by prehistoric Pacific Islanders.  I am also interested in the emergence and persistence conflict, competition, and cooperation in human societies, and the application of evolutionary models to study the past.  My research employs archaeological investigation, isotopic analysis, and GIS-based analysis of landforms and ecological variables.  I am currently working on a collaborative project on the island of Hawaii that integrates excavation data, demographic calculations, and geochemical studies of agricultural soils to model population growth and expansion in prehistory.  In the near future I will initiate a new project in the Fiji Islands which seeks to investigate the emergence of agriculture as the subsistence base during the post-Lapita period.

Links to Publications 

2011_Field et al Household expansion and intensification with supporting info PNAS.pdf

2010  Field, J. and Lape, P.  Paleoclimates and the emergence of fortifications in tropical Pacific Islands. Journal of Anthropological Archaeology 29:113-124.

2010  Field, J., Kirch, P., Kawelu, K., Ladefoged, T.  Households and hierarchy: Domestic modes of production in Leeward Kohala, Hawai’i.  Journal of Island and Coastal Archaeology 5(1):52-85.

2009   Kyle, B., Field. J., and M. Kenyhercz. Post-Lapita health, behavior, and mortuary behavior in Fiji: A brief report. Rapa Nui Journal  23(1):28-39.

2009   Field, J., Cochrane, E., Greenlee, D.  Dietary Change in Fijian Prehistory:  Isotopic Analyses of Human and Animal Skeletal Material.  Journal of Archaeological  Science 36:1547-1556.

2008   Field, J. and Graves, M.  A new chronology for Pololu Valley, Hawaii Island: Occupational history and agricultural development.  Radiocarbon 50(2):205-222.

2008   Field, J. Explaining fortifications in Indo Pacific prehistory. Archaeology in Oceania 43:1-10.

2007 Field, J., Petraglia, M., Lahr, M. M.  Dispersals into and through South Asia during OIS 4: GIS-based routes and environmental considerations.  Journal of Anthropological Archaeology, 26:88-108. 

2006 Field, J., Lahr, M. M., Assessment of the Southern Dispersal: GIS-Based Analyses of Potential Routes at Oxygen Isotopic Stage 4. Journal of World Prehistory 19(1):1-45. 

2005 Field, J.  Land tenure, competition, and ecology in Fijian Prehistory. Antiquity 79(305):586-600.  

2004 Field, J.  Environmental and climatic considerations: A hypothesis for conflict and the emergence of social complexity in Fijian Prehistory.  Journal of Anthropological Archaeology, 23:79-99.

Teaching Schedule

Autumn 2013

3401 - Fundamentals of Archaeology
7804-Issues in Archaeological Theory

Spring 2014 Not teaching

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