Kristen J. Gremillion

Contact Information

Dr. Kristen J. Gremillion
Department of Anthropology
The Ohio State University
4078 Smith Laboratory
174 W. 18th Ave.
Columbus, OH 43210
614.292.9769 (tel)
614.292-4155 (fax)

Curriculum Vitae (pdf)

Research Interests

An archaeologist and paleoethnobotanist who studies the evolution of human diet and subsistence practices in ecological context. Her current research involves the origins of plant cultivation in the mountains of eastern Kentucky. Learn about the Archaeobotany Program at the University.

Teaching Schedule

Autumn 2013

2201 - World Prehistory
5614 - Ethnobotany

Spring 2014 2201 - World Prehistory
8893.06 - Paleodiet

Current Grad Students

Kristie Martin
Paul Patton
Andrew Weiland

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