GSAA Sponsored Guest Speakers


The GSAA has sponsored several speakers over the years, who have provided both lectures and workshops on research methods and programs.  These lectures are advertised across campus and open to the wider Ohio State community.

  • 2016. Dr. Emily Hammer, Director of CAMEL (Center for Ancient Middle Eastern Landscapes) Lab-Oriental Institute at The University of Chicago, “Highland Fortress-polities and their Settlement Systems in the South Caucasus”, 
  • 2015. Dr. Steve Symes, Mercyhurst University, “Sharp and Blunt Force Trauma as Observed in Modern Forensic Casework”  
  • 2014. Dr. Sharon DeWitte, University of South Carolina “The Bioarchaeology of Medieval Plague: Insights from an Epidemic Cemetery” 
  • 2014. Dr. Carolyn Ehardt, University of Texas at Austin, “National Science Foundation: Evolving Research Under the Looking Glass”