Fabio Correa Duran

Fabio  Correa Duran

Fabio Correa Duran

Graduate Teaching Associate


(614) 292-6466

4005 Smith Laboratory
174 W. 18th Avenue
Columbus, OH 43210

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I use computational approaches to understand the complex relationships between land use decisions and sustainable use of the forest commons. At the individual scale, a resource user makes daily decisions that depend on social structure, social norms, and the ecological information accessible to the user. At the regional scale, a mosaic of land uses emerges that not only responds to human choices, but also shapes and regulates our behavior. At the Human Complexity Lab I am working to connect the individual scale to the regional scale, in order to augment anthropological research with insights into the ecological implications of social development to the whole human and natural system. For this, I am studying a wealth of data collected over the years about the landscape, the community, the social networks, and social norms of the people of southern Belize.

My work includes data curation, wrangling, descriptive statistics, Bayesian modeling, and network analysis in the R programming language; I mainly do agent-based modeling in NetLogo, Rust, and C++, and landscape studies using QGIS.

I also have a passion for teaching physical anthropology. I have been teaching this course as a graduate associate at The Ohio State University for several semesters now, and I enjoy the challenge of presenting the science of the co-evolution of biological and cultural traits in a format that stimulates students from diverse backgrounds and with different learning styles.

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