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Anthropology is the study of the biology, society, and culture of humans and their nearest biological relatives, past and present. Anthropologists focus on the nature and history of the human condition in all times and in all places, addressing a wide range of evolutionary and behavioral issues of interest to the social and biological sciences.

The Department of Anthropology at the Ohio State University offers educational and research opportunities through teaching and other activities in biological anthropology, archaeology, and cultural anthropology. Our empirical and scientific orientation emphasizes teaching and research in evolution, ecology, diet, adaptation, and health in past and living societies.


Emily Schueller
Anthropology Undergradaute Emily Schueller was awarded a
American Samoan People
Anthropology Undergradaute Gwendolyn Donley was awarded


What happened in this laboratory in 2014?

All are invited to attend our first Year

Laura Ogden
“Speculative Wonder at the World's End: