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     View the Daily Report on Our Summer Bioarchaeology Fieldschool Excavations at Badia Pozzeveri, Italy

The Ohio State University Department of Anthropology offers educational and research opportunities through teaching and other activities in physical (or biological) anthropology, archaeology, and cultural anthropology. Our empirical and scientific orientation emphasizes teaching and research in evolution, ecology, diet, adaptation, and health in past and living societies. As one of the largest research and teaching universities in the United States, the University has many opportunities, resources, and experiences for its students, faculty, and university community.

Our students get hands-on experience and world-class instruction in understanding the biology, society and culture of humans and their relatives - past and present.

Whether you are a prospective student or a current student... the opportunities are unlimited, so learn more about us.

Anthropology students, undergraduate and graduate, have the opportunity to study with world-renowned faculty as well as experts throughout the world! See them in action!

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