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Ohio State University Students uncover Ohio’s buried past in an archeology field school located in Dublin, Ohio. WOSU presents a story we gathered while working on the Adena Mound segment as part of the Columbus Neighborhoods: Clintonville documentary. Students learn how to be archaeologists in the field and learn the history of the land.


We had an enormously eventful and productive year, but at the top of the list of this activity is all of our new Ph.D. graduates, 10 in total for 2012-2013.  In Autumn semester, 3 graduated with this distinction and in Spring semester, a total of 7, record numbers in department’s history.  Congratulations and best wishes for many more productive and eventful years go to these new members of the profession! 

Below listed are all of those who graduated this past academic year, along with the titles of their dissertations:

Autumn semester

--Cathy Cook, “The Feeding, Ranging, and Positional Behaviors of Cercocebus Torquatus, the Red-Capped Mangabey, in Sette Cama Gabon: A Phylogenetic Perspective” (advisor: Scott McGraw)

--Megan Ingvoldstad, “Femoral Midshaft Histomorphometric Patterning Improving Microscopic Age at Death Estimates from Adult Human Skeletal Remains” (advisor: Sam Stout) 

--Marnie Shaffer, “This is South Africa, not Somalia”: Gender, Culture, and Women’s Lives in Johannesburg’s ‘Little Mogadishu’” (advisor: Jeff Cohen)

Spring semester:

--Samantha Blatt, “From the Mouths of Babes: Reconstructing Dental Age and Growth of Prehistoric Native American Juveniles Using Incremental Microstructures of Enamel” (Paul Sciulli)

--Sarah Martin, “Expression of Fluctuating Asymmetry in Primate Dentition: Analyzing the Role of Growth Duration” (Debbie Guatelli-Steinberg)

--Lara McCormick, “Cortical and Trabecular Histomorphometry of the Rib, Clavicle and Iliac Crest of Individuals from the Chiribaya Polity of Ancient Southern Coastal Peru” (Sam Stout) 

--Paul Patton, “People, Plants and Technology: a Coevolutionary Appraisal of Subsistence, Technology, and Sedentism in the Eastern Woodlands” (Kris Gremillion) 

--Michelle Rodrigues, “Stress and Sociality in a Patrilocal Primate: Do Female Spider Monkeys Tend-and-Befriend?” (Dawn Kitchen) 

--Gayatri Thampy, “Tourism and Land Conflict in a Caribbean Paradise: The Case of the Ngobe in Bocas Del Toro, Panama” (Jeff Cohen)  

--Leslie Williams, “From Hot Summer Days to Cold Winter Nights: An Analysis in Little Ice Age Germany and Austria” (Clark Larsen)

The Department's 2012 New Graduate Reception was a success - click here to see some pictures of everyone enjoying themselves and the great food

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