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Student Scholarship

Elizabeth A. Salt Anthropology Award Fund
Supports graduate student travel and research expenses during field work research.

Bourguignon Scholarship Fund
Support for Anthropology Graduate Students and Research.
Specify Account Number 309218

Daniel Hughes Memorial Fund/Endowment Fund
Established March 7, 1986 by Violeta Hughes and friends in memory of her husband Dr. Hughes, professor of anthropology. Income supports undergraduate/graduate travel to present professional papers/posters at international, national or regional meetings .
Specify Account Number: 603315

Science and Conservation in Africa's Rainforests Fund
Supports OSU student's travel expenses to Africa. Supports anti-poaching patrols in selected rainforests, purchases wildlife education materials for programs in rural African schools. Sponsors exchange programs for African and OSU undergraduates.
Specify Account Number 313356
Contact: Dr. McGraw

Daniel Hughes Memorial Fund/Student Research
The Daniel Hughes Memorial Fund in memory of Dr. Daniel Hughes, supports student travel to present papers at professional meetings.
Specify Account Number 203315

Clark Spencer Larsen Student Fund for Research and Travel
Supports student travel and research expenses, supplies, equipment.
Specify Account Number 313018
Contact: Dr. Larsen

Anthropological Research

Archaeobotany Research
Supports research on the prehistoric and colonial-era farming systems of Native North America through study of archaeological plant remains.
Specify Account Number 302068
Contact: Dr. Gremillion

Ohio Archaeology Research Fund
The Ohio Archaeology Research Fund supports research on settlement patterns and community organization of prehistoric societies in the Ohio River drainage. Of particular interest are Adena and Hopewell sites.
Specify Account Number 305292
Contact: Dr. W. Dancey

Human Biology Research Fund
The Human Biology Research Fund supports research on variation and diversity in human populations. Genetics, health, and age-related variation are emphasized.
Specify Account Number 305746
Contact: Dr. D. Crews

Forensic Anthropology Research Fund
The Forensic Anthropology Research Fund supports research in forensic anthropology.
Specify Account Number 305876
Contact: Dr. P. Sciulli

Early Near Eastern Agricultural Fund
The Ancient Near Eastern Agricultural Fund supports archaeological and archaeobotanical research in the Eastern Mediterranean and southern Arabia.
Specify Account Number 310191
Contact: Dr. J. McCorriston

Paleoanthropology and Evolutionary Ecology Research Fund (PEER)
The Paleoanthropology and Evolutionary Ecology Research Fund funds overseas fossil excavations, publication costs and conference travel. A portion funds graduate and undergraduate student research.
Specify Account Number 312445

The Transnational Research Laboratory Fund

Fund number: 318085
The fund supports the Transnational Research Laboratory in the Department of Anthropology (“Department”). Expenditures may be used for, but are not limited to, undergraduate and graduate research, laboratory equipment, programming with affiliated researchers and guest lecturers, and faculty research and teaching. Expenditures shall be approved in accordance with the then current guidelines and procedures established by the College of Arts and Sciences (“College”).

Public Lectures and Seminars

Annual Paul H. and Erika Bourguignon Lecture in Art and Anthropology Fund
The Bourguignon Scholarship/Lecture Fund, honoring Dr. Erika Bourguignon and the memory of Paul-Henri Bourguignon. Pays expenses of annual Speaker on the subject of Art and Anthropology.
Specify Account Number 640666

We currently can only accept donations by check or online.

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