Welcome to the Anthropology Department!



Photo of Dr. Kris Gremillion

The Ohio State University's Department of Anthropology is as diverse as the career opportunities available to graduates of the program. Our faculty members are among the very best anthropologists in the nation, and we pride ourselves on the numerous learning and research resources and experiences available to our undergraduate and graduate students. We are especially proud of our talented and productive graduate students as they prepare to be leaders in the upcoming generation of anthropologists. Placement of our undergraduate students from our two undergraduate majors—Anthropology and Anthropological Sciences—in productive careers and graduate and professional programs is among the top in the United States. Many of our majors are in pre-health programs for medicine, dentistry, nursing, nutrition, other health sciences, and veterinary medicine. Our emphasis on writing and communication prepare our majors for a diversity of careers nationally and globally. Our department offers classes and programs in many areas of anthropology, including the three major subdisciplines—archaeology, cultural anthropology, and biological anthropology. You can learn more about the courses offered in the Anthropology by visiting the undergraduate and graduate students pages on this web site.

We invite you to  contact us with questions or for more information. We look forward to hearing from you!

Kris Gremillion
Chair, Department of Anthropology