Annual Student Awards

The undergraduate and graduate students within the Department of Anthropology are amazing researchers and teachers.  We identify and congratulate our best with the following awards:  Best Ph.D. Thesis, Best M.A. Thesis, Best Undergraduate Writing, Best Undergraduate, and Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching.  These awards are selected annually by nominations from faculty and undergraduate students, and the awards are announced at the annual department picnic every spring. Listed below are previous awardees:

Best Undergraduate

2008-2009 Francisco Montiel Ishino

2009-2010 Amy Eakins

2010-2011 Jacqueline Lipphardt

2011-2012 Kimberly Swisher

2013-2014 Gwendolyn Donley

2014-2015 Gwendolyn Donley

2015-2016 Madelyn Green

2016-2017 Catherin Mendel and Gretchen Klingler (co-award)


Best Undergraduate Writing

2009-2010 Aexandria Alfarano

2010-2011 Kristen DiPietro

2011-2012 Jacqueline Lipphardt

2012-2013 Melissa Clark

2013-2014 Melissa French

2014-2015 Emily Schueller

2015-2016 Daniel Hanel

2016-2017 Daniel Hanel


Best M. A. Thesis

2007-2008 Laurie Reitsema

2010-2011 Nidia Merino-Chavez

2011-2012 Lisa Beiswenger

2012-2013 Barbara Betz

2013-2014 Mary Beth Cole

2014-2015 Sharon Buck

2015-2016 Julie Margolis

2016-2017 Mackie O'Hara


Best Ph.D. Thesis

2009-2010 Marin Pilloud

2010-2011 Daniel Tyree

2011-2012 Amelia Hubbard

2012-2013 Corey Maggiano and Laurie Reitsema

2013-2014 Leslie Williams

2014-2015 Tim Gocha

2015-2016 Zachariah Hubbell

2016-2017 Aaron Comstock 


Outstanding Graduate Student Teacher

2001-2002 Tori Seneda

2002-2003 Shahna Arps

2002-2003 Lexine Trask

2003-2004 Alyson Young

2004-2005 Jonathan Racster

2005-2006  Erin Tyler

2006-2007 Jules Angel

2007-2008 Giuseppe Vercellotti

2008-2009 Jennifer Spence

2009-2010 Corey Maggiano

2010-2011 Laurie Reitsema

2011-2012 Amelia Hubbard

2012-2013 Adam Kolatorowicz

2013-2014 Marissa Stewart

20142015 Lisa Beiswenger

2015-2016 Ashley Edes

2016-2017 Erin Blanken-ship Sefczek and Timothy Sefczek (co-award)