The study of culture, biology, and society of humans and their nearest biological relatives, past and present.


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July 29, 2019
The ASOM team just completed their first Big Game Theory summer camp at the PAST Foundation, where they used games and agent-based models to train students to find sustainable and equitable solutions…
June 19, 2019
How do we understand the past? For the proto-urban site of Çatalhöyük, located in modern day Turkey, the answer is 25 years of excavation and post-excavation research. In a paper published in the…
June 5, 2019
In May 2019, Dr. Jeffrey Cohen traveled to the South Central University for Nationalities (SCUN) in Wuhan, Hubei province, China. During his trip, Dr. Cohen signed a memo of understanding between…
May 29, 2019
During commencement on May 5, 2019, The Department of Anthropology was proud to see 49 of our students graduate from both undergraduate (BA and BS) and doctoral degrees.  We would like to take a…

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Melissa Clark
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Morgan Liu
Associate Professor
Amanda Agnew
Director, Skeletal Biology Research Laboratory/Associate Professor
Mark Anthony Arceño
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