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Major in Medical Anthropology (BA)

I. Prerequisites

Majors must complete the following courses (10 credit hours):

  • ANTHROP 2200/2200(H) Introduction to Physical Anthropology
  • ANTHROP 2202/2202(H) Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
  • STATS 1450 Introduction to Practice of Statistics or STATS 2450, 2480 Introduction to Statistical Analysis OR equivalent as approved by the Department of Anthropology

II. Introductory Course Work

Majors must complete the following 2 courses (6 hours):
  • ANTHROP 3302 Introduction to Medical Anthropology
  • PUBHEPI 2410 Introduction to Epidemiology

III. Core Courses

Majors must complete the following 3 courses (9 hours):
  • ANTHROP 3301 Modern Human Physical Variation
  • ANTHROP 4525 History of Anthropological Theory
  • ANTHROP 5650 Research Design and Ethnographic Methods

IV. Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Health

Majors must complete 2 courses from the following list (6 hours). Note that courses with an asterisk (*) have pre-requisites.
  • ANTHROP 4706/HISTORY 4705: Chronic Illness, Injury, and Disability in Modern History
  • COMPSTD 3645(H) Cultures of Medicine
  • EEOB 4240* Plants and People
  • HISTORY 3307* History of African Health and Healing
  • PUBHEHS 4530* Food Safety and Public Health
  • PUBHEHS 5320 Climate Change and Human Health
  • PUBHEPI 4410* Social Epidemiology
  • PUBHEPI 5412 Infectious Diseases in the Developing World
  • PUBHEPI 5420* Infectious Disease Modeling in Humans and Animals
  • SXLTYST 5620* Sexuality and Violence
  • SOCIOL 3630  Medical Sociology
  • SOCIOL 5450* Sociology of Global Health and Illness
  • SOCWORK 3597* Adolescent Parenthood and Sexuality: An International Perspective
  • SOCWORK 5026* Exploring Community Food Security Strategies
  • WGSST 4189.01S* Reproductive Rights and Justice
  • WGSST 4404 Regulating Bodies: Global Sexual Economies

V. Evolutionary and Biocultural Perspectives on Health

Majors must choose 4 courses from the following list (12 hours):
  • ANTHROP 3340 Anthropology of Mental Health and Addiction
  • ANTHROP 4597.05(H) †Global Food Crisis
  • ANTHROP 5600 Evolutionary Medicine
  • ANTHROP 5601 Anthropology of Sex, Drugs and HIV
  • ANTHROP 5602 Women’s Health in Global Perspective
  • ANTHROP 5615 Evolutionary Perspectives on Human Behavior
  • ANTHROP 5621 †Anthropology of Women
  • ANTHROP 5624 The Anthropology of Food: Culture, Society and Eating
  • ANTHROP 5642 Growth and Development
  • ANTHROP 5645 †Biology of Senescence
  • ANTHROP 5700 Anthropology, Public Health and Human Rights
  • ANTHROP 5701 †Health and Healing in Latin America and the Caribbean
  • ANTHROP 5702: Anthropology in/of the Clinic

†These courses are offered less frequently.  Please consult with Cameron Beason about integrating them into your degree plan.



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