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Are you interested in meeting other students and exploring more of what Anthropology has to offer? The Undergraduate Anthropology Club is dedicated to facilitating student social connections as well as career-oriented activities. Club members meet bi-weekly throughout the academic year for a variety of activities and meetings.  The club is also focused on creating undergraduate-graduate student relationships, as well as helping students with finding field schools, graduate schools, research opportunities, and promoting academic activities. The Undergraduate Anthropology Club is open to all majors.  If you wish to join the club, please contact the UAC secretary (listed below).


2023-2024 UAC Executive Board

President: Liya Samuel (Samuel.93)
Vice President: Alyssa Krause (Krause.197)
Secretary: Lucy LoBello (LoBello.9)
Treasurer: Bridget Yusko (Yusko.15)
Marketing & Community Director: Julia Frost (Frost.329)
Biological Anthropology Chair: Liya Samuel (Samuel.93)
Cultural Anthropology Chair: Sarah DiCapua (DiCapua.7)
Archaeology Chair: Julia Frost (Frost.329)
Medical Anthropology Chair: Tristan Cruz (Cruz.323)
> Forensic Anthropology Chair: Carly Hines (Hines.462)
Faculty Advisor: Cameron Beason (Beason.11)

 Instagram: @UAC.OSU

 NEW:  Just loaded on SoundCloud!  The Undergraduate Anthropology Club interviews Dr. Lee Hoffer about the American opiod epidemic