Major in Anthropology (BA)

I. Pre-requisite

You must complete the following course (4 hours):

  • ANT 2200 – Introduction to Physical Anthropology

II. Core Courses

You must complete the following courses in three areas with a grade of C- or better (15 hours):

  1. Physical Anthropology
    • ANT 3300 – Human Origins or ANT 3301 – Modern Human Physical Variation
  2. Archaeology
    • ANT 2201 – Introduction to Archaeology
    • ANT 3401 – Fundamentals of Archaeology
  3. Cultural Anthropology
    • ANT 2202 – Peoples and Cultures: An Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
    • ANT 4525 – History of Anthropological Theory

III. Electives

You must complete at least 15 hours of electives (normally 5 courses) including at least one course in each of the three sub-disciplines (physical anthropology, archaeology and cultural anthropology).  No more than 7 hours of the 15 hours of elective credit may be comprised of non-graded course work (independent study, undergraduate research or field school, etc.) Please contact the undergraduate advisor if you have questions about which sub-discipline a particular course falls under.

  1. Physical Anthropology elective
  2. Archaeology elective
  3. Cultural Anthropology elective
  4. Free Anthropology elective #1
  5. Free Anthropology elective #2

These 34 hours represent 4 hours of prerequisites and 30 hours of major courses.