2,400-Year-Old Tomb in Iraq Excavated

February 9, 2017
Illustration of relief of Cyrus the Great.

Kyra Kaercher and Katie Downey, graduate students at the University of Pennsylvania and Ohio State University respectively presented the findings of an excavation of an Achaemenid Era Tomb at the American Schools of Oriental Research's annual meeting in November 2016.

Debbie Guatelli-Steinberg in Columbus Dispatch

January 20, 2017
Professor Guatelli-Steinberg

"Teeth preserve a record of their own," Professor Guatelli-Steinberg told Columbus Dispatch reporter Marion Renault. "It's almost like a fossil already, but in your mouth." Teeth - a humble and faithful fixture of archaeology - tell us a lot more than cultural aesthetic.

Anthropology major Mary Grace Thibault

December 28, 2016
Mary Grace Thibault

Mary Grace Thibault, a fourth-year student majoring in atmospheric sciences and anthropology, is a member of the Ohio State Meteorology Club and a weather spotter, having recently renewed her training with the National Weather Service SKYWARN program.