Anthropology PhD and MA Theses, 1986- present

Graduates from the department of Anthropology have produced over 200 M.A. and Ph.D theses. The Ohio State University library maintains print, digital, and film copies of these documents, beginning with theses completed in 1986.  A searchable list of these theses is available at this link.

PhD and MA theses, 1986- present

Lepper, B. T., 1986 . Early Paleo-Indian land use patterns in the central Muskingum River Basin, Coshocton County, Ohio 
Turk, P. G., 1986 . Building bridges in the Negev : two Israeli development towns, Dimona and Arad 
Abdelrahman, A. M., 1987 . Influence of steer and heifer blood serum on unfrozen bovine semen stored at 5̊C and 37̊C 
Chedekel, E. D., 1987 . An ethnographic study of a senior center 
Church, F.,  1987 . An inquiry into the transition from late woodland to late prehistoric cultures in the central Scioto Valley, Ohio circa A.D. 500 to A.D. 1250 
Farslow, D. L. 1987 . The behavior and ecology of the long-tailed Macaque Macaca fascicularis  on Angaur Island, Palau, Micronesia 
Nass, J. P., 1987 . Use-wear analysis and household archaeology : a study of the activity structure of the incinerator site, an Anderson phase Fort Ancient community in southwestern Ohio
Quintanales, M. N.,  1987 . The political radicalization of Cuban youth in exile : a study of identity change in bicultural context 
Salazar, R. C., 1987 . The implementation of an agroforestry project in a Philippine village: a study in direct change 
Wymer, D. A.,  1987 . The paleoethnobotanical record of central Ohio 100 B.C. to A.D. 800 : subsistence continuity amid cultural change 
Reichwein, J. C. 1988 . Native American response to Euro-American contact in the Columbia Plateau of Northwestern North America, 1840 to 1914 : an anthropological interpretation based on written and pictorial ethnohistorical data 
Bianchi, C. C., 1989 . Gubida illness and religious ritual among the Garifuna of Santa Fe, Honduras : an ethnopsychiatric analysis 
Aument, B. W.,  1990 . Mortuary variability in the Middle Big Darby drainage of central Ohio between 300 B.C. and 300 A.D.
Wu, T.-T., 1990 . Female faculty in higher education : a case study in Taiwan 
Firouzian, F., 1991 . Morphometric analysis of human middle ear ossicles
Maxey, J. D., 1991 . Kooris adapting : an anthropological case study of the maintenance and reconstruction of the cultural identity of Aboriginal Australians in New South Wales, Australia 
Smith, C. J., 1991 . The use of metaphor in applied organizational anthropology 
Zadeh, Y. Y.,  1991 . Effect of artificial brachycephalization on the craniofacial structures of Adena Indians
Bowen, J. E.,  1992 . The late prehistory of northwestern Ohio
Cooper, J. D., 1992 . An evaluation of mandibular dental arch form characteristics in Late Archaic and Late Prehistoric populations from the Ohio Valley 
Giesen, M. J.,   1992 . Late prehistoric populations in the Ohio area : biological affinities and stress indicators 
Hartranft, L. B., 1992 . The ninth decade : six central Ohio women.
Corkern, C. J., 1993 . Formal and informal aspects of Japanese education as represented in a rural town in northern Honshu, Japan
Leitman, E. M., 1993 . Ethiopian immigrant women : transition to a new Israeli identity? 
Pacheco, P. J., 1993 . Ohio Hopewell settlement patterns : an application of the vacant center model to middle woodland period intracommunity settlement variability in the Upper Licking River Valley 
Schnell, S., 1993 . The rousing drum : ritual, change, and adaptation in a rural mountain community of central Japan
Sheeran, L. K.,  1993 . A preliminary study of the behavior and socio-ecology of black gibbons Hylobates concolor  in Yunnan Province, People's Republic of China 
Copenhaver, M. M., 1994 . Home as trading post : attachment factors in elders' decisions about living arrangements 
Foradas, J. G.,  1994 . Chert acquisition for ceremonial bladelet manufacture at three Scioto Hopewell sites : a test of the normative mineral composition method for sourcing cherts 
Green, S. M., 1994 . Mothers of rape survivors : coping strategies and activism
Sidky, M. H., 1994 . Irrigation and state formation in Hunza : the cultural ecology of a hydraulic kingdom
Spaulding, F. C., 1994 . The gujars of Islamabad : a study in the social construction of local ethnic identities 
Abdullah, Y. Y., 1995 . Social Functions of the Diwaniyya in Kuwaiti Society 
Ericksen, A. G. 1995 . Shenks Ferry Subsistence and Settlement: The Archaeobotanical Record
Little, T. L., 1995 . An Ethnographic Study of Neo-Pagan Folklife: Festivals and The Creation of Neo-Pagan Identities and Cultures in The United States
Thurn, N. I. 1995 . Customary practice and legal codes of succession and inheritance in Japan
Woods, R. J.,  1995 . Biomechanics and osteoarthritis of the knee 
Anderson, D. P.,  1996 . Rapid physical development and maturation, delayed behavioral maturation, and single birth in young adult Callimico : a reproductive strategy
Moore, D. L. 1996 . The household division of labor in Hokkaido, Japan 
Zeck, C. A. 1996 . Community Health Care Organizing: An Ethnographic Investigation of Capapayo, El Salvador
Applegate, D.,  1997 . Lithic evidence of prehistoric rockshelter use in Eastern Kentucky 
Bush, R. S., 1997 . Festivals, rituals and ethnicity among East Indians in Trinidad 
Francis, S. T., 1997 . The y'e'ii bicheii dancing of nightway : an examination of the role of dance in a Navajo healing ceremony 
Curtin, A. J. 1998 . Prehistoric mortuary variability on Gabriola Island, British Columbia 
Harper, G. J., 1998 . Stress and adaptation among elders in life-care communities 
Keener, C. S., 1998 . An ethnohistoric perspective on Iroquois warfare during the second half of the seventeenth century A.D. 1649-1701  
Smith, C. J., 1998 . An anthropological investigation of three information technology firms using James C. Scott's theories related to everyday forms of resistance to power 
Zhao, Z., 1998 . The Tangs of Lung Yeuk Tau : a Chinese lineage in contemporary social context 
Abdullah, Y. Y., 1999 . Consanguineous marriage and its affect on spousal concordance among the "Al-Kandari" in Kuwait 
Fitton, L. J.,  1999 . Is acculturation healthy? : biological, cultural, and environmental change among the Cofán of Ecuador
Ross, L. L. 1999 . Becoming deaf : an ethnographic exploration of enculturation and acculturation at a residential deaf school 
Tatarek, N. E., 1999 . Changing views of health : Spinal Stenosis and its impact on well-being
Chen, G.,  2000 . Death rituals in a Chinese village : an old tradition in contemporary social context 
Chiteji, L. S. 2000 . Deciphering the ethnicity system of Cayo, Belize : an exploration of community and school discourse data 
Corr, J. A., 2000 . The effects of aging on social behavior in male and female Rhesus Macaques of Cayo Santiago.
Menke, S. D., 2000 . Metaphors of exchange and the Shanghai stock market 
Neal, B. E., 2000 . Indian identity within the Indian community in Northeast Oklahoma 
Akers, D. S. 2001 . The tribal concept in urban Saudi Arabia
Kanner, M. C., 2001 . The most southern place on earth : negotiating identities through tourist encounters in Savannah, Georgia 
Severson, L. D., 2001 . HLA, Microsatellite, and Viral DNA Sequences in American Samoans and Yanomami Indians
Silva, H. P., 2001 . Growth, development, nutrition and health in Caboclo populations from the Brazilian Amazon
Swarts, E. D. 2001 . Kaimyo Japanese Buddhist Posthumous Names  as indicators of social status 
Edgar, H. J. H. 2002 . Biological distance and the African American dentition [electronic resource] 
Johnston, C. A. 2002 . Culturally modified human remains from the Hopewell Mound Group [electronic resource] 
Kawamura, H., 2002 . Symbolism and materialism in the ecological analysis of hunting, fishing, and gathering practices among the contemporary Nez Perce Indians
Mickelson, A. M. 2002 . Changes in prehistoric settlement patterns as a result of shifts in subsistence practices in eastern Kentucky [electronic resource] 
Myers, G. P., 2002 . Sustainable communities : traditions, knowledge, and adaptations among Black farmers in Ohio
Pecora, A. M., 2002 . The organization of chipped-stone tool manufacture and the formation of lithic assemblages
Lease, L. R., 2003 . Ancestral determination of African American and European American deciduous dentition using metric and non-metric analysis
Long, S. E., 2003 . The complexity of labor exchange among Amish farm households in Holmes County, Ohio 
Mills, L. A., 2003 . Mitochondrial DNA analysis of the Ohio Hopewell of the Hopewell Mound Group
Robinson, J. P. P., 2003 . Sociocultural risk factors of non-insulin diabetes mellitus among middle class African Americans in central Ohio
Burke, A., 2004 . 'Household' ceramic assemblages at Vésztő-Bikeri : an early copper age Tiszapolgár culture site on the Great Hungarian Plain
Graver, S. M., 2004 . Consequences of contact : an analysis of the health of native populations in the Chesapeake Bay
Patil, C. L. 2004 . Weanling needs and the next pregnancy among the Iraqw of Tanzania
Rice, J. L. Z. 2004 . The effects of acculturation, diet, and workload on bone density in premenopausal Mexican American women
Tyler, E. A., 2004 . The effects of fronto-occipital deformation on the morphology and pathology of the human temporomandibular joint 
Zolvinski, S. P., 2004 . Lowland Khon Muang agriculture: dynamics of a system in change 
Al-Sejari, M. M., 2005 . Age at natural menopause and menopausal symptoms among Saudi Arabian women in Al-Khobar
Barrett, C. K., 2005 . Fluctuating dental asymmetry as an indicator of stress in prehistoric native Americans of the Ohio River Valley
Howard, S. P.,   2005 . The Caneadea Mound : a look at the Middle Woodland period in the Northeast
Larke, A. R., 2005 . Parental investment, late reproduction, and increased reserve capacity are associated with longevity in humans
Morris, M. R., 2005 . Intra-site analysis of Vésztő-Bikeri, Hungary : patterns and interpretations 
Peck, J. J., 2005 . Intraskeletal variability in bone mass 
Pilloud, M. A. 2005 . The medieval climatic anomaly and its impact on health in the Pacific Rim : a case study from Canyon Oaks, California 
Williams, K. D., 2005 . A geospatial bioarchaeological perspective on behavior, lifestyle, and activity patterns in the eastern woodlands of North America
Agnew, A. M. 2006 . Histomorphological aging of subadults : a test of streeter's method on a medieval archaeological population
Chambers, E. N., 2006 . Oxygen isotope analysis of human tooth enamel carbonate : implications for climatological and environmental research 
Harrower, M. J., 2006 . Environmental versus social parameters, landscape, and the origins of irrigation in Southwest Arabia Yemen  
Hubbard, A. R., 2006 . Assessing stress duration by means of linear enamel hypoplasias : a methodological comparison
Jakubowska, G. J.,  2006 . Skeletal height estimation in precontact and postcontact adult populations in northern coastal Peru
Martin, S. A., 2006 . Evaluation of the methods for estimating chronological age at linear enamel hypoplasia formation : a quatitative [i.e. quantitative] and theoretical comparison
Parker, J. S., 2006 . Land tenure in the Sugar Creek watershed [electronic resource] : a contextual analysis of land tenure and social networks, intergenerational farm succession, and conservation use among farmers of Wayne County, Ohio
Pederson Weinberger, J., 2006 . Ohio Hopewell earthworks [electronic resource] : an examination of site use from non-mound space at the Hopewell Site 
Soisson, S. P., 2006 . Moderate altitude 6,000-8,000ft.  and birthweight, preterm birth, preterm labor, and preeclampsia : a pilot study
Willman, E. E., 2006 . Human variation and knee osteoarthritis in the Hamann-Todd skeletal collection
Adamson, S. K.,  2007 . Positional behavior in bonobos Pan paniscus  : how do age, sex, and context influence bipedality?
Arps, S. L. 2007 . High fertility in a high-risk environment : a biocultural study of maternal health in Honduran Miskito communities
Barette, T. S., 2007 . A Bayesian approach to the estimation of adult skeletal age : assessing the facility of multifactorial and three-dimensional methods to improve accuracy of age estimation
Betsinger, T. K., 2007 . The biological consequences of urbanization in medieval Poland 
Blatt, S. H., 2007 . Biocultural implications of human dental calculus from two late prehistoric Ohio populations
Brady-Rawlins, K. L., 2007 . The O.C. Voss site : reassessing what we know about the Fort Ancient occupation of the central Scioto drainage and its tributaries
Giblin, J., 2007 . Strontium isotope analysis of Neolithic and Copper Age populations from the Great Hungarian Plain 
Gosman, J. H., 2007 . Patterns in ontogeny of human trabecular bone from SunWatch Village in the prehistoric Ohio Valley
Gregoricka, L. A., 2007 . Stable isotope analysis of weaning at St. Stephen's monastery in Byzantine Jerusalem : a biocultural approach 
Leone, K. L., 2007 . Sedentism in the middle woodland : archaeobotanical evidence from the strait site
Temple, D. H., 2007 . Human biological variation during the agricultural transition in prehistoric Japan
Klaus, H. D., 2008 . Out of light came darkness : bioarchaeology of mortuary ritual, health, and ethnogenesis in the Lambayeque Valley Complex, North Coast Peru AD 900-1750  
Kyle, B. R., 2008 . Lifestyle and activity in medieval Nubia : inferences from osteoarthritis and femoral morphology
Masters, M. P., 2008 . Modern variation and evolutionary change in the hominin eye orbit 
Perrin, E. M., 2008 . Using proximity to understand association patterns among adult mantled howler monkeys Alouatta Palliata 
Reitsema, L. J., 2008 . Status and diet in medieval Poland : carbon and nitrogen stable isotope evidence
Ulvi, O. S., 2008 . Diet and craniofacial variation in three West African colobines 
Walz, J., 2008 . Male-female interactions among captive chimpanzees Pan troglodytes  and bonobos Pan paniscus  : who initiates?
Aubry, B. S. 2009 . Population structure and interregional interaction in prehispanic Mesoamerica [electronic resource] : a biodistance study
Byars, L. E. 2009 . Conceptualizing vulnerability : the impact, meaning and human response to social catastrophe 
Feeney, R. N. M. 2009 . Microtomographic analysis of sexual dimorphism and dental tissue distribution in human molars
Martin, K. R. 2009 . Eastern agricultural complex traditions in small Fort Ancient communities : the wildcat example
Martinez, D. J. 2009 . Dirt to desk: macrobotanical analyses from Fort St. Joseph 20BE23  and the Lyne site 20BE10  
Peck, J. J., 2009 . The biological impact of culture contact : a bioarchaeological study of Roman colonialism in Britain 
Pilloud, M. A., 2009 . Community structure at Neolithic Çatalhöyük : biological distance analysis of houshehold, neighborhood, and settlement
Pinto, D. C. 2009 . Variability in the spine : a histomorphometric analysis of spinous processes from the posterior vertebral arch
Sadvari, J. W., 2009 . Diet, nutrition, and activity at Khirbat al-Mudayna : inferring health in an historical Bedouin sample 
Trask, L. M. 2009 . The barriers to economic self-reliance : an ethnographic study of low-income single mothers in Prince George's County Maryland 
Watson, A. L. 2009 . Normality and the aging process in the thoracic spine : two late prehistoric Ohio populations 
Zink, J. P., 2009 . Form and function : interpreting the Woodland architecture at the McCammon Circle in central Ohio 
Angel, J. R. 2010 . Location, location, location : a probabilistic model of banked earthwork placement within the Central Ohio landscape during the early and middle woodland periods
Casado, A. M. 2010 . Evaluation of features of the innominate for sex estimation
Goliath, J. R. 2010 . Variation in osteon circularity and its impact on estimating age at death
Howard, S. P., 2010 . Northeastern Middle Woodland, from the perspective of the Upper Allegheny Valley
Hunter, R. L. 2010 . Bioarchaeological implications of a differential diagnosis of diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis DISH  in Gorilla gorilla gorilla 
Ivanova, S. A. 2010 . Dietary change in Ribeirinha women : evidence of a nutrition transition in the Brazilian Amazon?
McKinney, T. 2010 . Social and ecological impact of anthropogenic disturbance on the sympatric white-faced capuchin Cebus capucinus  and mantled howler monkey Alouatta palliata  
Merino Chávez, N., 2010 . Mexicanidad in Ohio : identity and stress in Columbus .
Miller, G. L. 2010 . Ohio Hopewell ceremonial bladelet use at the Moorehead Circle, Fort Ancient 
Nolan, K. C. 2010 . Multi-staged analysis of the Reinhardt village community : a fourteenth century central Ohio community in context 
Tyree, D. J. 2010 . Environmental change and the physical growth status of Somali children born in the United States 
Ullinger, J. M. 2010 . Skeletal health changes and increasing sedentism at early Bronze Age Bab edh-Dhra', Jordan 
Zulandt, D. S. 2010 . Subsistence strategies at the Zencor Site 33FR8  a faunal analysis of a late Woodland site.
Agnew, A. M. 2011 . Histomorphometry of the Elderly rib : a methodological approach with implications for biomechanics, function, and fracture risk 
Chan, W. N. J. 2011 . Craniofacial differences between modern and archaeological Asian skeletal populations
Giblin, J. I. 2011 . Isotope analysis on the Great Hungarian Plain : an exploration of mobility and subsistence strategies from the neolithic to the Copper Age University.
Gregoricka, L. A. 2011 . Mobility, exchange, and tomb membership in Bronze Age Arabia : a biogeochemical investigation 
Jarrell, H. M. 2011 . Associations between skeletal fractures and locomotor behavior, habitat use, and body mass in nonhuman primates 
Rose, D. C. 2011 . The use of geographical information systems software for the spatial analysis of bone microstructure
Royce, K. L. 2011 . Geophysical investigation of an early Late Woodland community in the middle Ohio River Valley : the Water Plant Site
Schubert, R. L. 2011 . The conservative nature of primate positional behavior : testing for locomotor and postural variation in Colobus vellerosus and Cercopithecus campbelli lowei at Boabeng-Fiema Monkey Sanctuary, Ghana
Stewart, M. C. 2011 . Intraskeletal variability of relative cortical area 
Ulmer, G. L. 2011 . From gold mining to the golden prison of ecotourism lodges in Madre de Dios, Amazonia Perú 
Winkler, L. A. 2011 . The social structuring of stress in contact-era Spanish Florida  : a bioarchaeological case study from Santa Catalina de Guale, St. Catherines Island, Georgia 
Beiswenger, L. M.,   2012 . Entertainment, provisioning, and shopping habits at North Market, Columbus, Ohio
Cooke, C. A.,   2012 . The feeding, ranging, and positional behavior of Cercocebus torquatus the red-capped mangabey  in Sette Cama, Gabon : a phylogenetic perspective 
Cosgriff-Hernandez, M.-T. J.,   2012 . Histomorphometric estimation of age at death using the femoral cortex : a modification of established methods 
da Gloria, P. J. T.,   2012 . Health and lifestyle in the Paleoamericans : Early holocene biocultural adaptation at Lagoa Santa, central Brazil 
Hubbard, A. R.,   2012 . An examination of population history, population structure, and biological distance among regional populations of the Kenyan coast using genetic and dental data
Ingvoldstad, M. E.,   2012 . Femoral midshaft histomorphometric patterning : improving microscopic age at death estimates from adult human skeletal remains
Kane, E. E. 2012 . The context of dietary variation in Cercopithecus diana in the Ivory Coast's Tai National Park
Maggiano, C. M.,   2012 . Histomorphometry of humeral primary bone : evaluating the endosteal lamellar pocket as an indicator of modeling drift in archaeological and modern skeletal samples
McIlvaine, B. K.,   2012 . Greek colonization of the Balkans : bioarchaeological reconstruction of behavior and lifestyle during Corinthian colonial expansion into ancient Apollonia, Albania 
Morris, H. R.,   2012 . Paleoethnobotanical investigations at Fort Center 8GL13 , Florida 
Reitsema, L. J.,   2012 . Stable carbon and nitrogen isotope analysis of human diet change in prehistoric and historic Poland
Rios, B. R.,   2012 . Culture, migration, and sport : a bi-national investigation of southern Mexican migrant communities in Oaxaca, Mexico and Los Angeles, California
Schlecht, S. H.,   2012 . A histomorphometric analysis of muscular insertion regions : understanding enthesis etiology
Shaffer, M.,   2012 . "This is South Africa, not Somalia" : negotiating gender relations in Johannesburg's 'Little Mogadishu' 
Vercellotti, G.,   2012 . Assessment of inter and intra-population variation in stature and body proportions : a comparative study between living and bioarchaeological populations.
Betz, B. J.,   2013 . Pastoralism, agriculture, and stress : a comparative analysis of two 19th century Qing dynasty populations
Blatt, S. H.,   2013 . From the mouths of babes : using incremental enamel microstructures to evaluate the applicability of the Moorrees method of dental formation to the estimation of age of prehistoric Native American children.
Dunham, N. T.,   2013 . Positional behavior and habitat use of Peters' Angola black and white colobus monkey Colobus angolensis palliatus  in structurally distinct areas of the Diani Forest, Kenya 
Martin, S. A.,   2013 . Expression of fluctuating asymmetry in primate teeth : analyzing the role of growth duration
McCormick, L. E.,   2013 . Cortical and trabecular histomorphometry of the rib, clavicle and iliac crest of individuals from the chiribaya polity of ancient southern coastal Peru
Nugent, S. E.,   2013 . Death on the imperial frontier : an osteobiography of Roman burial from Oğlanqala, Azerbaijan
Patton, P. E.,   2013 . People, places, and plants : an appraisal of subsistence, technology and sedentism in the Eastern Woodlands
Rodrigues, M. A.,   2013 . Stress and sociality in a patrilocal primate : do female spider-monkeys tend-and-befriend?
Thampy, G. S.,   2013 . Indigenous contestations of shifting property regimes : land conflicts and the Ngobe in Bocas del Toro, Panama 
Weiland, A. W.,   2013 . Marshelder Iva annua L.  seed morphology and patterns of domestication in Eastern North America.
Williams, L. L.,   2013 . From hot summer days to cold winter nights : an analysis of health in Little Ice Age Germany and Austria
Brettschneider, P. T.,   2014 . Inequality, egalitarianism, and occupy Atlanta
Clark, A. N.,   2014 . Investigating connections between lateral enamel formation and life history in new world monkeys
Cole, M. E.,   2014 . Semi-automatic method for intracortical porosity quantification with application to intraskeletal variability
Gocha, T. P.,   2014 . Mapping spatial patterns in cortical remodeling from the femoral midshaft using geographic information systems software : implications for age estimation from adult human skeletal remains
Huffman, M. M.,   2014 . Biological variation in South American populations using dental non-metric traits : assesment of isolation by time and distance
Leahy, R. E.,   2014 . Allostatic load, senescence, and aging among Japanese elderly
Miller, G. L.,   2014 . Ritual, craft, and economy in Ohio Hopewell : an examination of two earthworks on the little Miami River
Sharron, G.,   2014 . Frailty and health in a Slovenian sample 
Buck, S. M.,   2015 . The growing divide : understanding emergent social inequality in San Pedro de Atacama, Chile during the Middle Horizon through bioarchaeology
Foley, A. L.,   2015 . Paleoethnobotanical analysis of Medieval Ziyaret Tepe Southeastern Turkey  
Hernandez, N. M.,   2015 . Archaeological starch preservation and methodological parameters : where does Qaraqara fit? 
Hunter, R. L.,   2015 . Variation in cortical osteocyte lacunar density and distribution : implications for bone quality assessment
Kolatorowicz, A.,   2015 . Patterns of morphological integration in modern human crania : evaluating hypotheses of modularity using geometric morphometrics 
Margolis, J. A.,   2015 . Tetracycline labeled bone content analysis of ancient Nubian remains from Kulubnarti 
Peart, D. C.,   2015 . Continuous or pulse? Simulating speciation and extinction from east and south African fauna at plio-pleistocene fossil sites
Schwartz, J. W.,   2015 . The novel application of emotional contagion theory to black and mantled Howler Monkey Alouatta pigra and A. palliata  Vocal Communication
Werling, K. R.,   2015 . 'Boom' call variation in Cercopithecus mona as a possible proxy for genetic relatedness
Arceno, M. A.,   2016 . On consuming and constructing material and symbolic culture: an anthropology of pictorial representations of food-based Dietary Guidelines FBDGs 
Hubbell, Z. R.,   2016 . Developmental mechanobiology of the metaphyseal cortical-trabecular interface in the human proximal tibia and proximal humerus