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Timothy Everhart

Timothy Everhart is a National Park Service archaeologist and museum curator located at Hopewell Culture NHP (Chillicothe, Ohio). Dr. Everhart’s main interests lie in the histories of Pre- and Post-Contact American Indian peoples of southern Ohio, though his research has taken him across the United States and to more distant locales including Madagascar, Romania, Oman, and Germany. Across the last decade, the main thrust of his research has focused on Woodland Period (Adena and Hopewell) earthen monuments ca. 400 BCE-400 CE, with a particular focus on how different peoples have understood and engaged them across the last two millennia. Portions of this work have appeared in national and international peer-reviewed journals including American Antiquity and the Journal of Anthropological Archaeology, as well as regional venues such as the Midcontinental Journal of Archaeology. More recently, his work has centered on designing and completing research programs in collaboration with American Indian people and expanding capacity for the co-stewardship of museum collections and heritage sites with Tribal Partners.


Current Research Interests: 

·      Woodland American Indian Societies (Pre-and Post-Contact), with a particular interest in Hopewell 
·      Monumentality and Social Memory 
·      Craft Production 
·      Indigenous/Collaborative Archaeologies 
·      Heritage Studies and Public History 
·      Museum Anthropology 
·      History of American Archaeology