Pacific Islands Archaeological Research Laboratory (PIARL)


Director: Julie S. Field


PIARL research 1

Research Activities

This laboratory serves as the institutional home for archaeological research projects in the Pacific Islands.  Dr. Field investigates the colonization of islands, island environmental transformation and change, technological change including food production and craft manufacture, settlement patterns, and the economics of households and villages in prehistory.   





The Pacific Islands Archaeological Research Laboratory (PIARL) is equipped with instruments, supplies and materials needed for completing archaeological field research and laboratory analyses.  The PIARL includes sufficient laboratory bench space for graduate students and access to state-of-the-art computing facilities and software (e.g., ArcGIS, Microsoft Office, SPSS).


Analyzing prehistoric fire and landscape change in the Fiji Islands

Training Opportunities

Currently, Dr. Field and her students are conducting active fieldwork in the islands of Fiji and Hawaii.  Graduate students conduct their own research in the laboratory and collaborate with Dr. Field to gain experience in data analysis, research design, grant writing, and publication. Within the PIARL, students have the opportunity to gain experience and build research programs of their own that incorporate GIS analyses, isotopic analyses, microfossil analysis, geoarchaeological analysis, and evolutionary-based studies of material culture.

Current Graduate Students

  • Kyle Riordan