Map of Research Sites

  1. 2006  Joy McCorriston (co-PI). Origins and Development of Tribal Social Identities and Territorial Behaviors in Ancient Southern Arabia.  National Science Foundation Award.
  2. 2006  Debbie Guatelli-Steinberg (PI). Investigating the effects of enamel growth variables on linear enamel hypoplasia in primates. National Science Foundation Award.
  3. 2006 Clark Larsen (co-PI) Health and Lifestyle at Çatalhöyük: Bioarchaeology of a Neolithic Settlement in the Konya Plain, Turkey. National Geographic Society Award.
  4. 2007 Jeffrey Cohen (PI) The role of crises in migration outcomes: rural Oaxacans and politics in Oaxaca City, Mexico. National Science Foundation Award # BCS-0706795.
  5. 2008 Douglas Crews (PI) Biophysical Stress and Frailty Among Aging Japanese on Oshima Island. Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research.
  6. 2008 W. Scott McGraw (PI). Feeding Behavior and Food Material Properties Among Cercopithecid Monkeys in the Tai Forest, Ivory Coast. National Science Foundation Award # 0840110.
  7. 2008 Mark Moritz (PI). CAREER: Pastoral Management of Open Access: The Emergence of a Complex Adaptive System. National Science Foundation Award # BCS-0748594.
  8. 2009 Richard Yerkes (co-PI). Early Village Social Dynamics: Prehistoric Settlement Nucleation on the Great Hungarian Plain. National Science Foundation Award # BCS-0911336.
  9. 2011 Robert Cook (PI) The Fort Ancient Regional Movement (FARM) Project.  National Science Foundation Award.
  10. 2012 Anna Willow (PI) The Politics of Environmental Alliance: A Multi-sited Ethnography of the Boreal Leadership Council. Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research.
  11. 2012 Julie Field (co-PI). Investigating the Subsistence Transition in Post-Lapita Fiji (2500-1500 years BP).  National Science Foundation Award # BCS-1216330.
  12. 2014 Mark Hubbe (co-PI). Collaborative Research: The Emergence of Inequality in the Atacama Oases. National Science Foundation Award # 1359644.
  13. 2015 Barbara Piperata (PI). Tracking the Nutrition Transition in Rural Amazonia: a longitudinal and comparative approach. Fulbright Scholar Award.
  14. 2016 Joy McCorriston (co-PI). Pastoral Territoriality as a Dynamic Coupled System.  National Science Foundation Award.
  15. 2016 Anna Willow (PI). Contested Developments and Cumulative Effects: Understanding Diverse Responses to Energy Resource Development in British Columbia’s Peace River Region. Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research.
  16. Jeffrey McKee. Evolution of hominins of Makapansgat, South Africa.
  17. Nicholas Kawa. Anthropogenic environments in the Amazon, Brazil.
  18. Deanna Grimstead. Geochemistry of subsistence in the American Southwest, New Mexico.
  19. Sam Stout. Histomorphological analysis of human health and disease, prehistoric and modern.
  20. Jennifer Syvertsen. HIV and health, rural and urban populations. California, Ohio, Kenya.