Minors in Anthropology

A minimum of 15 credit hours (5 courses) are required to minor in anthropology. The student may complete a minor by choosing the archaeology, cultural anthropology, physical anthropology, or forensic science track. A minor program form must be approved by one of the undergraduate advisors and filed with the graduation application and major program form.

Anthropology Minor – Forensic Science
Anthropology Minor – Archaeological Track
Anthropology Minor – Cultural Track
Anthropology Minor – Physical Anthropology Track

Please contact the undergraduate advisor if you have questions about which courses satisfy each sub-discipline requirement - Dr. Debbie Guatelli-Steinberg (614) 292.9768, guatelli-steinbe.1@osu.edu, 4006 Smith Laboratory.

General Information on Minor Programs

  1. Minor programs are not required for graduation
  2. A student may not take a major and a minor in the same subject
  3. Courses used on the minor track may not be used on the major
  4. Where appropriate, overlap between the General Education (GE) and a minor in permissible unless specifically disallowed for an individual minor (but no more than 6 hours)
  5. All minors require a minimum of 12 credit unique hours; some require more. No more than 6 hours of transfer credit may be applied to any minor
  6. When students complete more than one minor, each minor must contain a minimum of 12 unique hours
  7. No grade below "C-" will be permitted in courses comprising the minor; the minimum overall CPHR of the minor shall be 2.00
  8. Courses taken on a Pass/Non-Pass basis many not be applied to the minor
  9. Some minors need individual approval by a faculty member; others do not. Sheets describing the individual minor carry this information
  10. Students need not file their minor programs until they file their graduation applications
  11. Once a minor is on file in the college/school office, any change must be discussed with the faculty advisor and/or college/school counselor