The Douglas and Ethel-Marie D’Luzansky LeVasseur Travel Award for undergraduates


Announcing:  The Douglas and Ethel-Marie D’Luzansky LeVasseur Travel Award

Thanks to a generous gift from Douglas and Ethel-Marie D’Luzansky LeVasseur, the Department of Anthropology is able to offer this award in support of student travel. The 2018-19 awardee will receive up to $2300 toward travel expenses to support participation in a travel abroad program endorsed by OSU.  Preference will be given to candidates who demonstrate financial need and have limited experience traveling outside the US.   This award is shared between the departments of Psychology and Anthropology, with grants made available to students majoring in Anthropology in odd-numbered fiscal years. 

Funds must be used before June 30, 2019. 

To apply, please provide the following information electronically no later than November 15, 2018 to and include “LeVasseur” in the subject line:

1. Your name and contact information, including an email address;

2.  Information about the program you plan to participate in, including a flyer, information sheet, or URL where these items can be accessed; also indicate whether you have been accepted into this program or plan to apply for it in the future;

3.  The total cost of the program and, if it exceeds the maximum award amount of $2300, the source of the additional funds needed to cover the remaining costs;

4.  A brief statement (no more than a page) about how this travel experience will enrich your development as an anthropologist. 

Ø  You do not need to provide any academic records

Ø  You do need to be an Anthropology major (minors are not eligible)

Ø  Your travel must be outside the US

Ø  Your program must be endorsed by OSU (consult the Office of International Affairs Study Abroad office if you are not sure whether it is eligible)

Ø  The program does not need to offer academic credit in Anthropology

Ø  Funding is contingent upon acceptance into a travel abroad program