Chelsea Hunter awarded NSF REG grant

April 22, 2020

Chelsea Hunter awarded NSF REG grant

Chelsea Hunter headshot

Offered by the National Science Foundation (NSF), the Research Experience for Graduates (REG) grant provides supplemental funding to support the cost of a “Cultural Anthropology student’s closely monitored but independent research experience.” Earlier this month, PhD student Chelsea Hunter (advisor: Mark Moritz) received one of these grants.

Chelsea’s project, Ridge-to-Reef Systems and Conservation in New Caledonia, aims to “understand how indigenous Pacific Islanders and conservation scientists comprehend ridge-to-reef systems differently and how these differences lead to practices that variously affect ridge-to-reef dynamics. Ridge-to-reef management is an integrated land-sea management system which seeks to curb the effects of land-based pollutants that affect coral reef health. Ridge-to-reef management is increasingly used throughout the Pacific to address the widespread degradation of coral reefs. However, ridge-to-reef, as a traditional Pacific Islander practice, is an integrated social-ecological system that is regulated through spiritual and political systems that are explicitly environmentally linked. This research project combines perspectives from ontology with a complex adaptive systems framework in order to analyze how both Pacific Islanders and conservation scientists comprehend and contribute to ridge-to-reef dynamics in New Caledonia.”

Congratulations, Chelsea!

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