Congratulations to the Graduates of 2020!

May 2, 2020

Congratulations to the Graduates of 2020!

Congratulations Graduates

On Sunday, May 3, The Ohio State University will be hosting a virtual commencement for the Class of 2020. At this time, the Department of Anthropology is excited to graduate 54 undergraduates from both our Bachelor of Arts (Anthropology, Medical Anthropology) and Bachelor and Science (Anthropological Sciences, Medical Anthropology) degrees; 5 Master's students; and 3 Doctoral students. Congratulations on your achievements to all of those listed below! 

Undergraduate Bachelor's Graduates:

Luwam Alem, Anthropology; pursuing MSc in Nursing at The Ohio State. 
Lillie Ambrose, Anthropological Sciences
Julia Arnold, Anthropology 
Sydney Baker, Anthropological Sciences; pursing MA in Museum Studies at Cooperstown 
Sean Beadles, Anthroplogy 
Melissa Beard, Anthropological Sciences
Sierra Bennett, Medical Anthropology
Ani Botelho Klein, Anthropology
Joshua Bradhaw, Anthropology 
Joyenia Cabrerara, Anthropology
Anya Cohen, Anthropologial Sciences
Jacob Conley, Anthropology 
Kyle Corbin, Anthropological Sciences
Summer Fagan, Anthropology
Mila Freeborn, Medical Anthropology
Laruen Freedman, Anthropological Sciences
Elija Gardner, Anthropological Sciences
Emma Gravino, Anthropoological Sciences
Cassidy Green, Anthropology
Loganne Gross, Anthropology
Madison Heise, Anthropology
Alexis Hutchison, Anthropology
Jordan Inman, Anthropology 
Kali Krockover, Anthropology
Nathaniel Leeson, Anthropology
Bonnie Legg, Anthropology 
Lida Linville, Anthropological Sciences
Ziyue Luo, Anthropology
Francesca Masso-Rivetti, Anthropological Sciences; pursuing a MA in Experimental Humanities and Social Engagement at NYU
Megan Neal, Anthropology
Sarah Negron, Anthropology
Hannah Nelson, Anthropology 
Laruen Nowakowski, Anthropology
Polina Oliynyk, Anthropology
Carter Rice, Anthropology
Chloe Richardson, Anthropology
Amy Riley, Anthropology
Samantha Salisbury, Anthropology
Michela Schlegel, Anthropological Sciences; pursing Patient Care Associate in a Columbus area hospital
Elisabeth Schuck, Anthropological Sciences
Morgan Schultz, Anthropology; pursing MA in Experimental Humanities and Social Engagement
Jessica Sedlak, Medical Anthropology 
Annalee Sekulić, Anthropology
Rebeka Simon, Anthropological Sciences; pursuing MA in Global Public Health
Allyson Simon, Anthropological Sciences
Andrew Snowden, Anthropology 
Ashleigh Thompson, Anthropological Sciences
Cara Walterusch, Anthropology; Environmental Educator at BrightPath Active Learning
Heather Weaver, Anthropology
Lance Westrick, Anthropology
Brittany Wexler, Anthropological Sciences; pursing a MA in Forensic Archaeology and Anthropology at the University of Dundee
Juliet White, Anthropology 
Tatyanna Wilson, Anthropology
Paris Yang, Anthropology; Pursuing  a Masters at either Brown University's Public Humanities Program, or UCL Museum Studies

Master's Degrees

Emma Brezinski
Ben Mertus
Craig Shapiro
Kendra Weinrich
Enzo Zaccardelli 

Doctoral Degrees 

Brian Padgett 
Nikki Weiss 
Natalia Zotova 

Congratulations Graduates











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collage of graduates


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