Emily Wolfe-Sherrie studies Maternal Mental Well-being in Mexico

March 18, 2020

Emily Wolfe-Sherrie studies Maternal Mental Well-being in Mexico

Emily Wolfe-Sherrie performs research on maternal mental wellbeing in Mexico.

“My dissertation research explores how postpartum social support affects maternal postpartum depression, and whether oxytocin mediates the relationship,” explains Emily Wolfe-Sherrie, a doctoral student in the Department of Anthropology. With funding from the Office of International Affairs Academic Enrichment Grant, Wolfe-Sherrie performed anthropology dissertation research and collaborated with partners in Nicaragua and Mexico on her project, “The Role of Culture on Maternal Mental Wellbeing in the Postpartum Period.”

“These funds not only allowed me to conduct preliminary instrument-validation research in Nicaragua, but also to move field sites to Mexico when the political situation in Nicaragua became too dangerous for student travel,” reflects Wolfe-Sherrie. “In Mexico, I built a field site by establishing strong working relationships between Ohio State and a professor at The University of Veracruz-Xalapa, as well as with the director of a local health clinic. As a result, I have completed the first stage of my research in which I mapped the cultural ideal of postpartum social support. I have also begun recruitment for stage two of the project.”

Wolfe-Sherrie champions collaboration with international partners and appreciates funding from Ohio State. “The support from the Office of International Affairs has aided my academic success as a PhD candidate while promoting active research collaboration between Ohio State faulty and Mexican partners, and addressing global issues in the context of Veracruz, Mexico.”

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