Anaís Delilah Roque Antonetty

Anaís Delilah Roque Antonetty

Anaís Delilah Roque Antonetty

Assistant Professor


4050 Smith Laboratory
174 W. 18th Ave
Columbus, Ohio 43210

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Areas of Expertise

  • Hazards and Disasters
  • Food, Energy and Water (FEW) Security
  • Social & Environmental Justice
  • Social Capital
  • Community Environmental Health
  • Community Resilience
  • Egocentric Networks
  • Participatory & Community-engaged Research

Dr. Anaís Delilah Roque Antonetty (she/her/ella) is an environmental social scientist and anthropologist. Currently, her research is interested in how households and communities experience, prepare for and respond to food, energy, and water (FEW) insecurity in the wake of a high impact hazard (e.g., geophysical, climatological) or disaster. Dr. Roque is also interested in the health outcomes of such experiences and the extent that strategies to address insecurity shape pathways to better or worse health. Trained as a mixed methods scholar, Dr. Roque uses participant observation, interviews, survey, photovoice, social network, secondary data, participatory mapping, amongst others in her research. Dr. Roque is part of several interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary teams that advance research in the areas of water reuse, environmental justice, community resilience, social vulnerability, and community-based collaboration. She conducts research in Puerto Rico, Phoenix (AZ) and the U.S. Mexico Borderlands. Research publications can be found here.

Dr. Roque teaching approach encourages students to critically think about human-environmental relations while providing them with applied activities for cross-discplinary  application within and beyond the classroom. Dr. Roque is the director of the Community Environmental Health & Justice Collaboratory. This lab brings opportunities for hands-on experience on environmental social science research, student professional development, and applied products for community partners.



Current Graduate Students
Génesis Alvelo-Colón

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