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Cultural Anthropology Minor

Students must take Anthropology 2202 and 4525 , and at least two courses from the following list:

Anthropology 3302, 3334, 3350, 3400, 3416, 3418, 3419, 3420, 3597.01, 3597.02, 3623, * 4597.05H, 5600, 5601, 5602, 5614,5615, 5620, 5621, 5624, 5625, 5626, 5630, 5645, 5650, 5651 Additional Hours The remaining credit hours may be chosen from the above list or any other anthropology course with the faculty advisor’s permission.

* Students taking 4597.05H must be in Honors program or receive permission of instructor.

Please contact the undergraduate advisor if you have questions about which courses satisfy each sub-discipline requirement - Dr. Debbie Guatelli-Steinberg (614) 292.9768, guatelli-steinbe.1@osu.edu, 4006 Smith Laboratory or the ASC advisor Cameron Beason

More information on the minor at the ASC website: https://artsandsciences.osu.edu/sites/default/files/minor-anthropology.pdf


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